Take Note of the Gift of Baptism

In my book, Baptism—What a Blessing! I explain why Baptism is such a wonderful gift filled with multiple blessings. The gift of Baptism includes the following blessings:

  1. Public Testimony to the Gospel – When a convert receives Baptism, this act serves as a public proclamation of the Gospel. It serves as a visible re-enactment of the Gospel when a person is submerged in water, symbolic of the death and burial of Christ, and rising from the water, which is symbolic of the resurrection of the Lord. The convert begins at Baptism to bear witness to the Lord.

  2. Ordination to Ministry – Every new disciple who is baptized can rejoice that her act serves as an initial witness to the saving power of Christ. This witness performed at the beginning of the Christian’s life serves as a reminder that Baptism is also the ordination to ministry of every disciple.

  3. Assurance of God’s Mercy – We believe that God forgives those who humbly, sincerely seek Him and will agree with Him that they have sinned against Him. God has graciously granted us a reminder of this promise in Baptism. The water in Baptism shows us that we are washed clean of sins.

  4. Defense Against Spiritual Apathy – Faith will be tested. The experience of every believer from Abraham to Peter proves this maxim. Christians need every possible resource to remain faithful to God’s commandments and teachings. Baptism serves as one of the most precious resources upon which believers can rely. Baptism shows each of us how God adopts us as his children. When we struggle to remain faithful, Baptism reminds use of who we are to God.

  5. Sign and Seal of Membership in the Body of Christ – When we are Baptized, we become part of one Spirit and one body of Christ. To be baptized into the body of Christ means that all the walls that divide us have broken down in Christ.

  6. Identification with Christ’s Death and Resurrection – Baptism means that death is behind us because we have become identified with Christ who died for us. Because we have already died by way of identification with Christ in his crucifixion, we live on the farther side of the resurrection.

  7. Assurance of Resurrection Life – At the time of our death Baptism gives us the assurance in the face of our anxieties about what happens after death. Our questions have been answered by our Baptism where we have died with Christ when he died and rose again.


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