Don’t Ignore Your Pain

When we have physical pain, it indicates that something is happening in the body that shouldn’t be happening. If you fall and hurt your foot, the pain could indicate that you sprained your ankle. When you have a toothache, you probably have something happening in your gums. Wherever your pain is, you should make sure you take care of it. The pain could be telling you that something is wrong and needs attention immediately.

Emotional Pain Is Just as Serious

As a therapist and theologian, I can tell you that you shouldn’t ignore emotional pain, either. You need to deal with whatever it is that might be causing you pain. For example, if you have a fear of dogs, I can help you eliminate that fear, which might be causing you pain or anxiety. I would work with you in a series of steps until you no longer are afraid of dogs.

If something happened to you, such as a traumatic event, I am able to work with you to release the pain from that event and address those issues that are blocking you from living a full life. If you have pain or anxiety from something in your past, I can work with you to eliminate that pain. Whatever the reason emotional pain is just as serious as physical pain and must be treated.

When people ignore their emotional pain, serious issues can result. You could lose a job if you were supposed to fly to a conference and couldn’t go because of your fear of flying. You could lose a lover because the pain was keeping you from being honest with yourself or your partner. You could entertain suicidal thoughts because you can’t let go of the pain. Healing Through the Hurt: Five Steps to Emotional and Spiritual Healing is designed to help you process your emotional pain without engaging in unproductive or self destructive quick fixes that only add to you your pain.

Loneliness and Grief Cause Pain

Sometimes, the emotional pain stems from loneliness or grief. When you lose a loved one, your grief can become overwhelming. You are unable to continue living without that person. That grief begins to cause you pain. The loss can make you lonely if the person is a spouse or special friend. When you have grief like this or loneliness that is so bad, you don’t want to leave your house, it becomes a problem. I understand how these emotions can cause pain. I work with you to help you let go of the grief so you can live again.

When you are grieving over an unavoidable loss, you must realize that you cannot really escape your pain. It is much more important to accept the fact that you are hurting than to look for a quick fix in alcohol, an affair or frenetic activity. It is also important to recognize God’s healing power during the process. I treat you through steps so you are able to eliminate the pain and begin to heal. Grief begins to lessen as we deal with the emotions surrounding the grief or loneliness.

So, remember that pain – whether physical or emotional – is telling you something is wrong. You shouldn’t ignore it. You should find out how it can be treated. When you get the help you need, you will begin to live a full life again.


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