Thanksgiving: A Time to Be Grateful for What Makes You You

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. It is a federal holiday that is designed to thank God for all of your blessings. When you sit down and evaluate the blessings from God, you will find an abundance. They begin with baptism and continue until you have died.

Blessings to parents

Usually when a woman finds out she is going to have a baby, she and her husband are happy. Although they are scared about the changes to come, they see the baby as a blessing from God. During the pregnancy and the growth, God continues to bless the parents. For additional help, parents can read How to Enjoy Being a Parent, which explains how to discipline your child, how to deal with certain situations and how to get through the bad times.

When parents decide to baptize their child, they are graced with God’s blessings. The blessings are enjoyed throughout the child’s life. God continues to bless him or her. Having a child is something that you should be grateful to God on Thanksgiving. Parents should see the face of Jesus in every child who is born and be thankful.

Blessings to spouses

So many couples get married in a church because they want the blessings God doles out to marriages. Couples who want a strong marriage should remember that God brought them together, and God will get them through the difficult times. If they count their blessings, they will have the strong foundation of marriage. For example, make note of the little things your spouse does for you. Your laundry is always cleaned. When you are sick, your spouse gets you soup or medicine from the supermarket. You see a pile of dirty dishes that disappears when you are busy doing something else. These are everyday blessings you get from your spouse.

For those times when you need to communicate more effectively, God has given you a voice. He often speaks through other people. A good example of God speaking to you through another is My Marriage Manual, a guidebook on having a successful marriage. When you listen to the advice in the book, you strengthen your marriage, which already is strong because you asked God to bless it.

Blessings to workers

St. Paul says we are all one body. We all have a role to play in the world, and we must play it. Jesus tells us to use our talents. Don’t be afraid to use God’s gifts in your work. These are the blessings that come when we thank God for our work. I am a counselor that helps people get through conflicts. Others serve God through cooking or cleaning. Whatever your talent, you should thank God for it and the work it allows you to do. Don’t question why good things happen. Just accept that they do.

Thanksgiving is a great time to thank God for all His blessings poured out to you. I will close to thank God that he gave me a gift of insight that I can impart to you through my books. The War Within and Is Gay Good? give good advice and insights.


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