Baptism Brings God’s Grace to Relationships

Did you wonder why parents seek Baptism for their children? Did you wonder why churches put such emphasis on Baptism? Society today makes it difficult to understand why Baptism is important to how people live their lives. In my book, Baptism What a Blessing!, I discuss how Baptism is necessary for positive relationships because God grants us His graces through the sacrament. Let me explain.

The diverse and contradictory explanations of Baptism have caused confusion among the faithful. Despite this confusion, Baptism is a regular part of the life and vibrancy of most churches. Some baptize infants while others baptize later in life. Almost all churches baptize people before they have reached adulthood and can make well-informed decisions. On top of that, Baptism has fallen into a trap by churches who are anti-sacraments. They don’t understand why sacraments are important and they don’t see a need for them. In these churches, Baptism is not mandatory, but an option that people can choose if they want it.

Baptism Is Blessing

To truly understand why Baptism is a blessing, you have to turn to the Scriptures. Most of the information regarding Baptism comes from the New Testament. While everyone has his or her own way to interpret the Bible, I use the Scriptures as all relating to the single-most important event, the death and resurrection of Jesus on a cross. Any individual text has importance only as it is a spoke on a wheel toward that main event. Every person’s biases come into play when he or she reads the Bible. This also is a factor on how they see Baptism.

Based on my study of the Scriptures, I see Baptism as a blessing. It is a sign and seal of God’s bountiful grace. It is a reminder of what God has physically and visibly done for us. It is a reminder that God lives within us. It is not a world problem, but a blessing. If Baptism wasn’t important, John the Baptist would not have told people to repent and be baptized. Jesus wouldn’t have asked John the Baptist to baptize him before the crowd.

Use God’s Grace in Daily Living

Although I would have many skeptics refute me if I claimed that Baptism is necessary for every day life and to resolve conflicts, I will say that it helps. Baptism is the first time God’s grace is sent down on your life. Because of that, when you are in a conflict or a relationship that needs repairing, you can call on God’s grace to help you through a situation. The Baptism gives you that grace that you can tap for conflicts and relationship-building.

The next time you see yourself in a situation that you are lost or insecure, say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for giving you Baptism. Then, say a prayer to help you. The situation will be resolved one way or another. His grace will give you the strength to reach a conclusion or give you the insight you couldn’t determine. It also will help you resolve your conflict and make your relationships stronger because they will be based on God’s grace. It all started with Baptism.

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